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Wage and Hour Disputes ​

Illinois Wage and Hour Dispute Defense

The Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C., represents business clients throughout northeastern Illinois in employment law disputes relating to wage and hours disputes.

Our Chicago, Illinois business litigators provide litigation and arbitration services to employers facing individual or class action lawsuits in wage and hour cases, as well as prevailing wage disputes. We handle wage and hour and prevailing wage disputes in federal and state courts, and before the Illinois Department of Labor.
With more than 20 years of legal experience serving the business community of Chicago and northeast Illinois area, we are able to provide effective and cost-effective legal representation that meets the real-life business needs of our business clients. Contact Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C. to schedule an appointment with an Illinois business lawyer.

Wage and Hour DisputesFair compensation for wages and hours is regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Although the labor standards are extensive, interpreting them correctly can be complicated. Employers can run into problems when they don’t have a clear understanding of the FLSA and make a good faith mistake or misread FLSA regulations.

Such misunderstandings are more common for employers who employ many types of employees-contractors, hourly employees, and salaried employees. For example:

  • Truck drivers may be wrongly classified as contract workers, causing the employer to underpay benefits
  • Line supervisors may be wrongly classified as managers, making them exempt from overtime pay
  • Retail employees may be misinformed by managers about the hours they must work and about the scheduling of breaks
  • Sales people who work on commission may receive incorrect pay if their base wages and commission are not computed correctly.

Another common problem employers encounter is when an employee quits and the payroll office neglects to pay for unused vacation time the employee had accrued.

Employees who work more than 8 hours a day, or more than 40 hours a week, must receive overtime pay unless that employee is “exempt” (or salaried) or that employee is an independent contractor. (An independent contractor is one who determines his or her own work hours and work procedures.)

If you are unclear about the proper classification of a type of employee, contact an Illinois employment law attorney for a consultation. It pays to ensure you are complying with all applicable laws by protecting your company from wage and hours lawsuits.

If you are facing an investigation audit by the IDOL or a lawsuit for wage and hours violations,contact an Illinois business lawyer with Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C. for a thorough discussion of your case.