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​Erisa Litigation

Illinois ERISA Defense Litigation

Almost any employee who participates in a group insurance or ERISA plan is affected by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which regulates obligations of employees to make fringe benefit contributions, as well as the benefits an employee receives from work. ERISA laws control the benefit plans established by employers and union pension and welfare funds.

Employers can run afoul of ERISA laws when they don’t know the laws well and unintentionally commit violations. The business law firm of Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C., represents construction companies and employers throughout northeastern Illinois who are being investigated or sued for violations of ERISA laws by employees, or pension or welfare funds.

Our Illinois business litigators provide legal representation to employers in lawsuits filed by pension funds, health and welfare funds, individual employees, or groups of employees in the 7th Circuit, US District Court for Northern District of Illinois.

Our Illinois business litigators have been handling pension fund charges for more than 20 years, making the law firm of Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C. one of the premier law firms defending employers in ERISA cases in Illinois.

We provide effective and cost-effective legal representation that meets the real-life business needs of our clients. Contact Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C. to schedule an appointment with an Illinois business litigator.

ERISA Problems

We represent construction companies and employers who are facing charges or limits for violating ERISA laws. Employers who do not understand the requirements of ERISA may run into problems with a pension fund or union over fringe benefit contributions or withdrawal liability the fund says it is owed. The union and its pension or welfare funds may sue the employer seeking to audit the employer’s books and records.

In some cases, the construction company or employee does not understand the terms of their agreement with a union, or the implications of the agreement. This can lead to underpayment of funds into the plan and a claim by a pension or welfare fund for interest, liquidated damages, audit fees, attorney fees, in addition to the payment of fringe benefit contributions. We defend in cases of:

  • Alleged fund underpayment of fringe benefit contributions
  • Alleged breach of fiduciary responsibilities
  • Allegations of alleged failure to provide ERISA-mandated information
  • Audits

ERISA Counsel

In addition to representation in litigation, the experienced employment lawyers at Law Offices of Joseph P. Berglund, P.C. help employers understand the creation and administration of pension and welfare benefit plans and their impact upon employee’s obligations to pay fringe benefit contributions. Our attorneys can author and amend plans, design compensation strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, and advise employers on the management and maintenance of a variety of retirement and fringe benefit contribution programs.

Contact an Illinois business litigator at Berglund & Armstrong, P.C. for defense against charges of ERISA violations.